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For years we had heard it was coming. A strange rumbling which began gathering voice by the late 1980s about a new television standard to come, replacing the aging NTSC 480 line standard that had been with us almost 40 years before I entered the business.  It was good news! There was lively debate about the 720p/1080p/1080i resolutions among the engineers. To many of us in the production side of the industry this meant the dawning of a new age of high quality and unmatched picture clarity. At last our sweat and tears over projects laid-off in Umatic and Beta Oxide videotape were finally going to be replaced with the virtues of something far better. Producers, directors, videographers and editors all together breathed a sigh of unanimous joy with the paletable possibilities. So we trudged on through the 90s adding “dockable Sony 537” to our resumes “non-linear” to our catch phrases as we looked to the nearing horizon for more.

By the early 200os the reality was upon us. HDTV was well on its way and cablecasters & broadcasters alike were scrambling to be the first on the scene with the ability to showcase their hi-def wares and taking their clients projects (as well as their own) to the next level. But wait… insert your “record scratch” efx here…  while production techs and producers were still sorting out the variances between shooting old school 4:3 and the more glamourous wide-eyed 16:9 ratio, a ripple had occured in the corporate marketing to production time-space continuom.

More on this later… stay tuned.


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